• In the fall, we have a date party at the beginning of the semester, and the activity changes every year. One year, we went on a hayride and had smores. Another year, we all went out to dinner together.

    Closer to November, we hold our annual semi-formal Theta Phis in Disguise, which is a masquerade party. For this event, each girl is set up with a date by her sisters. In order to discover the identity of their date, each girl makes two masks, one for themselves, and one for their date. On the night of the dance, the dates are given their masks upon arrival, and the girls have to find the guy that has their matching mask.


    In the spring, we hold a dance called Northern Lights at the beginning of the semester. It's usually informal and a lot of fun!

    At the end of the spring semester, we hold Sapphire Ball, our annual formal. This one includes a sit down dinner before dancing the night away.

    And of course, we always represent at Homecoming!